IN-PERSON APPOINTMENTS   (on hold due to Covid-19 ...see ONLINE below)

I meet students Mondays through Thursdays at Armor Coffee in Allen, Texas (click to map).  If that location is not convenient, I also tutor online (see below).  If I cannot accommodate your needs, I can recommend other qualified local math tutors.


When you contact me to request an appointment* I will tentatively put you in my PocketSuite system, and a link will be sent to you requesting credit card confirmation.  Important:  The appointment is NOT set until you have confirmed with a debit or credit card.  Your credit/debit card will be charged only on the day of the appointment.  If you wish to bring cash to the appointment, I will mark your appointment as paid, and your card will not be charged.

Later, a reminder email and/or text will be sent in advance of your appointment.  Need to cancel? No problem... just text me by 7:00am on the day of the appointment or cancel yourself by clicking the link on your reminder email or text, and you won't be charged*.



I can also tutor students online (phone, tablet, computer) using ZOOM & Notability, where I write on a virtual whiteboard as I explain.  If you have scheduled an online appointment, please confirm the appointment using the PocketSuite confirmation link that was sent to you.  At our meeting time, please click the ZOOM button below and enter the Meeting ID and Passcode I texted you.





1 hour private session...................... $75

1 hour group session........................ $60 per person (2-3 people)


Accepted payments:  

Cash, Debit or Credit Card

*TCA on-campus weekly appointments require subscriptions, which have different cancellation policies. See contract.  Pricing for upper school study hall is $75 and middle school study hall is $65.