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I tutor students online (phone, tablet, computer) using ZOOM & Notability, where I write on a virtual whiteboard as I explain.  If a student is working on homework, I will have him/her explain the next step before I write it.  The student is also writing the steps on his/her paper at home.


When you contact me to request an appointment, I will tentatively put you in my PocketSuite system, and a link will be sent to you requesting credit card confirmation.  Important:  The appointment is NOT set until you have confirmed with a debit or credit card.  Your credit/debit card will be charged only after the appointment is completed. 

Later, a reminder email and/or text will be sent in advance of your appointment.  Need to cancel?  No problem... just text me by 7:00am on the day of the appointment and you won't be charged.

At our meeting time, please click the ZOOM button below and enter the Meeting ID and Passcode I texted you.




1 hour private session...................... $75

1 hour group session........................ $60 per person (2-3 people)


Accepted payments:  

Debit or Credit Card

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